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College student-athletes (may be more likely to experience difficulty transitioning from college than non-athletes, which could lead to decreased levels of overall wellness.

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to explore the wellness of alumni SA who recently transitioned from college.

Methods: Semi-structured interviews with former SA (n=12) were administered at a university in the Midwest. Interview questions were based on the Indivisible Self Model’s five factors of wellness (coping, social, physical, creative, and essential). Data were analyzed using the process of immersion/crystallization.

Results: Results indicate that subjects generally experienced negative feelings at the end of their athletic career, but were able to overcome any struggles they experienced. Subjects mostly displayed high levels of wellness, especially in the creative, essential, and physical factors of wellness.

Conclusion: Alumni SA that participated in this study displayed high levels of wellness. These findings: 1) illustrate the unique challenges in transitioning from college for alumni SA, and 2) inform prevention and intervention strategies for alumni SA struggling to transition from college.


RCAF 2016