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The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist






In the summer 2016 issue of TIP (Salter et al., 2016), we put out a Call for Proposals for updated I-O graduate program rankings. In this call, we were looking for new and unique methodologies for ranking I-O graduate programs that reflect the diversity of values and strengths across our field. We are pleased to announce we have conditionally accepted five proposals. Each of these teams will now conduct their project (which we hope all SIOP members will help with once data collection begins); we anticipate the final rankings will be published in the summer 2018 issue of TIP.

Please note that the goal of this project is to make our methodologies public before data collection to reduce the likelihood of researcher degrees of freedom influencing the results. Although frequently unintentional, it is all too common for analytic decisions to be driven in part by the results that follow. Our goal is to achieve transparency in the way rankings were conducted and to present multiple methodologies, to aid students and educators in their decision making.


Salter, N. P., Allen, J. A., Gabriel, A. S., Sowinski, D., & Naidoo, L. (2016). I-O Graduate Program Rankings: Update. The Industrial Psychologist (TIP), 54(3). © 2016 Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. The original article can be found at

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