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Suzanne Sollars

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Promoting psychological science: A compendium of laboratory exercises for teachers of high school psychology

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Lab Title: Structure/Function Relationships within Sensory Systems

Main Idea/Concept Demonstrated or Taught by Lab: Students will examine the way in which individual differences in anatomical structures can influence how the system functions. Perception of a sensory stimulus can vary between individuals. Such structure/function relations in physiological systems can change the way an individual behaves. In this lab, students will test taste intensity of salt and sugar solutions, quantify fungiform papillae (an indirect measure of the number of taste buds), and determine the correlation between the number of fungiform papillae and taste intensity ratings.

Lab Title: Modification of Sensory Receptor Structure and Function

Main Idea/Concept Demonstrated or Taught by Lab: Students will understand how modification of cellular function may lead to changes in sensory perception.


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