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Specialist in Education (Ed.S.)



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Dr. Brian McKevitt


Prior research indicates that crisis preparedness training is essential for practitioners to feel confident navigating and implementing crisis management strategies in their schools. Research also suggests that confidence increases the likelihood that practitioners will be involved in crisis planning (e.g., joining their district’s crisis response team [CRT], helping develop crisis plans, etc.). Though these relationships are supported in the literature, much of this research is dated and focuses on the experiences of other school personnel (i.e., school counselors). The purpose of this investigation was to examine school psychologists’ knowledge, preparedness, and confidence in crisis management. The School Psychologist Preparedness and Self-Efficacy Questionnaire (SPPSEQ) was distributed through email and social media to school psychologists and 55 completed the survey. Results indicated that school psychologists felt competent and confident in their abilities to address crisis events in their communities. Results also provided evidence for differences in crisis preparedness related to community setting.


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