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International Journal of Communication



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Laura DeNardis, Derrick L. Cogburn, Nanette S. Levinson, and Francesca Musiani (Eds.), Researching Internet Governance: Methods, Frameworks, Futures, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2020, 324 pp., $35.00 (paperback). Reviewed by Thomas Jamieson University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA In January 2021, pro-Trump protesters forced their way into the U.S. Capitol building, inspired by White supremacist and conspiracy theories spread on Twitter, Facebook, 4chan,, Parler, 8kun, Telegram, and far-right message boards (Harwell, Stanley-Becker, Nakhlawi, & Timberg, 2021). Twitter and Facebook belatedly banned thousands of accounts, including the sitting president’s accounts, sparking an ongoing debate about the limits of free speech, tech companies’ power, the responsibility to regulate hateful and violent rhetoric, and how the Internet should governed and by whom


This is an article published by the University of Southern California Annenberg in the International Journal of Communication in 2021. It can be accessed at

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