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The New Student Politics: The Wingspread Statement on Student Civic Engagement (2002) can be assigned as a text in a political science service-learning course that has as an explicit course objective the exploration of contemporary conceptions of citizenship, or a sociology service-learning course that focuses on community building and social transformation. Additionally, the text can be incorporated in service-learning courses across the disciplines with the aid of The New Student Politics Curriculum Guide. The Curriculum Guide is designed to provide a structure for engaging students in reflection on their community service experiences in a way that allows for the exploration of the connections between service and politics, the purposes of their education and their work in community, and their role as participants in the civic life of American democracy. The structured reflection provided in the Curriculum Guide recognizes that all disciplinary competence is infused with an element of civic awareness and purpose, or as William Sullivan has written, there is "no viable pursuit of technical excellence without participation in those civic enterprises through which expertise discovers its human meaning."

The Curriculum Guide delves deeper into the concept of "service politics" introduced in The New Student Politics, provides a guide to including civic engagement reflection in service-learning courses, and includes concrete tools for reflection on student civic engagement.