Ron Schukar

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Summer 1997


On a warm April morning, 80 eighth-grade students from North Middle School in Aurora, Colorado, gathered in nearby Sand Creek Park to erect bat houses. "Why bat houses?" a local news reporter asked. "To control the insect population," one of the students answered. "We have reclaimed this park for all the plant and animal species that live here and for the people of our community who want to enjoy the surroundings," another student offered. "Because of the water and foliage, insects, especially mosquitoes, are a problem. We don't want the city to apply insecticides in the park, so we are trying to encourage bats into the park. In class we learned that bats consume thousands of insects each day." "Yeah," another student said with obvious pride, "build it and they will come."


Theory into Practice, Volume 36, Number 3, Summer 1997. Copyright 1997 College of Education, The Ohio State University.