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Welcome to Animal Tracks ®, a classroom education program of the National Wildlife Federation focusing on teacher training and environmental education resources. In Animal Tracks materials, the animals and their tracks lead educators and students on an exploration of conservation issues.

Thank you for using this Action Pack, our newest resource. We hope you find the Action Packs useful and because this is a "work-in-progress," we welcome any comments you might have for improvements. As you turn the page you'll see our questionnaire. Please take a minute to fill it out and put it in the mail. We'll include you on our mailing list and you'll get invitations to any Animal Tracks educator workshops that we hold in your area as well as the latest information on Animal Tracks programs and materials.

Animal Tracks Worksbops are a large part of the Animal Tracks program. The Action Pack series was originally developed as our teacher training module. The workshops are designed to help teachers easily fit environmental and conservation issues into their lesson plans across the curriculum. Animal Tracks workshops emphasize learning by doing and include an interactive discussion of how to successfully incorporate action projects into learning.

Animal Tracks has educator materials and information available online at bttp:// including the Water and Habitat Action Packs, Current Events Hotline, information about NWF's EarthTomorrow ® program for Detroit area schools, Environmental Education Online Conference, Animal Tracks Workshop schedule, and Animal Tracks Online classroom activities. There are also Animal Tracks kids' pages at with our Cool Tour of the Environment, Ranger Rick ® site, resources in Spanish, games, and more fun.

The next pages of the Action Pack are a questionnaire and an explanation about how to effectively use the Animal Tracks Action Packs. Again, we hope you find this a valuable resource and be sure to check out all the Animal Tracks Action Pack titles!

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