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Summer 1-1-1983

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Severe Behavior Disorders of Children and Youth

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Peer tutoring is not a new concept and there are a number of excellent reviews of research on the topic (Ehly & Larsen, 1980; Strain. 1981). However, there is little or no literature that directly relates nonhandicapped peer tutoring to the integration of severely behaviorally disordered students into regular schools. It is important that this void in the literature be corrected since increasing numbers of severely behaviorally disordered students are being integrated into regular neighborhood public schools. Many of these students require individual help with a wide array of rather ordinary behaviors such as staying on tasks, finding their way down the hallway, eating lunch in a school cafeteria, and playing on the playground with other children. The special education teacher alone may not be able to provide all the assistance needed. Nonhandicapped students represent one possible source of help.


Sevior Behavior Disorders of Children and Youth (monograph in Behavioral Disorders, ed. Robert B. Rutherford, Jr.)

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