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Beyond Behavior

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It’s like a colored cube. You try to put it together, you get so frustrated you want to throw it at the wall and smash it. But you have to take time; you have to cooperate with it. You have to make it go the way it needs to go. When you finally do it, you’re like, man, I’m kind of glad I didn’t throw it at the wall and smash it. So I know how to do what I need to do now. I know what I need to do to make this cube work. And sometimes life is like that. And you need to be patient. You need to get all your anger out and cooperate with this cube- with the cube of life… yea. You need to stay in control. You need to cooperate. You need to have fun and see if they (others) will have fun with you. Just like this cube, and you can try. You could throw the cube at the wall; you can break the cube, but it won’t get you anywhere. You won’t learn anything. You won’t make new friends. You won’t have fun. Comments of a 5th grade boy with ADD and LD.

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