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Service learning is a broadly defined term that may encompass a spectrum of projects and course work ranging from acts of charity to activism for social change. "The aim of service learning is always to heighten awareness in our communities that we have the capacity to both learn from and serve each other... and work toward a more just and egalitarian society" (bttp://www.invcol.pdx.edulic.htm). Another description of service learning from Brevard Community College's The Power (1994) explains that, for many community organizations, students augment service delivery, meet crucial human needs, and provide a basis for future citizen support. The Power depicts community service as an opportunity for students to enrich and apply classroom knowledge; explore careen or majors; develop civic and cultural literacy; improve citizenship and develop occupational skills; enhance personal growth and self-image; establish job links; and foster a concern for social problems. This introduction to community service leads to a sense of social responsibility and commitment to public and human service. Although the researcher will discuss service learning in explicit detail in Chapter Two, a brief sketch is warranted here to introduce the reader to the concept.


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