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The goal of a practicum was that high school students in non-academic 10th grade English classes would develop an understanding of and appreciation for cultural differences. The English teacher challenged herself, her peers, her students, and the general school population (a regional high school in a growing community in the northeastern United States) to become more knowledgeable and appreciative of many cultures by expanding her own knowledge of ethnic groups; creating a faculty reading club; developing a curriculum that responsibly presented ethnic groups in a relevant format; designing activities that provided opportunities for interaction with other cultural groups and for action on behalf of others; and providing programs for the larger student population. Expected outcomes were reached. Non-academic tenth-grade students did develop an understanding and appreciation for cultural differences. By participating in both school and class programs, students become more involved with and knowledgeable of the values and experiences of those whose roots were different from their own. In addition, they demonstrated a willingness and intention to respond to the crises of a culturally diverse group outside of their immediate circle of friends. (Forty-two references, a sample assessment instrument for cultural awareness, the volunteerism interview questions, and book selection criteria are attached.

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