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For young people, service to others can develop important habits and skills that help them become an asset to their neighborhoods. This guide was created to help adults teachers, parents, after-school providers, and members of community-based organizations to find and create opportunities for young people to answer President George W. Bush's call for all U.S. people to dedicate at least two years of their lives in service to their communities, their country, or the world. The guide contains nine sections: (1) "Letter from the President of the United States of America"; (2) "Letter from Supporting Organizations"; (3) "Table of Contents"; (4) "Introduction"; (5) "Fostering a Culture of Service, Citizenship, and Responsibility," (President's Call to Service; USA Initiative; Examples of Student Projects Already Part of the USA Initiative); (6) "Bringing Service to the Classroom" (Developing Habits of Service; Hallmarks of Effective Service Programs; Ten Steps for Bringing Service to Your Classrooms); (7) "About Service-Learning" (What Is Service-Learning?; Benefits of Student Service and Service-Learning; Examples of Service-Learning in Action); (8) "Tools and Resources" (In Schools; Outside the Classroom; Recognition Programs) ; and (9) "Conclusion. If (BT)