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For more than a decade there has been great interest in educational circles about school-linked services ways by which children can receive the full range of social services they need to enter their classrooms ready to learn and parents can get the help they need to support their children's development. This publication presents summaries of the proceedings from a day-long conference on school-linked services. The following presentations are summarized:(1) "Welcoming Remarks" (Esther Wattenberg) ;(2) "Anchoring School-Linked Services in Sobering Realities: A Glance at the Past and a Searching Stare at the Present" (Paula Allen Meares);(3)"Response from School Social Workers: A Minnesota Perspective"(Sharon MacDonald):(4) "A Prize-Winning Innovation: FAST (Family and Schools Together)" (Lynn McDonald);(5) "Two Local Programs of Excellence: Project Kofi" (Rudolph J. Rosseau III);(6) "Two Local Programs of Excellence: Aquila Community Together (ACT)" (Judy Halper);(7) "Panelists Address the Hard-Headed Questions. What Works?" (8) "Confronting the Problems: School-Linked Services Re-Examined" (Heather Weiss); and (9) "Constructive Critics:Provocative Questions." References follow the summaries, and a3I-item bibliography is attached.