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Proceedings from a conference to explore issues in moving toward a new institution for national youth service are presented in this booklet. Chapter 1 presents a historical overview of youth participation in the United States, focusing on trends in the labor market, schooling, incarceration, and social problems. The assertion is made that due to population and technological influences on labor supply and demand, schools no longer effectively socialize or control youth. Therefore, the development of alternative institutions, such as a diverse and voluntary national youth service,must be considered. Chapter 2 defines a national youth service as the manifestation of mutual responsibility between the nation and its young people and describes new roles and responsibilities for formal education, citizenship, the public and private sectors, and volunteerism. Responses to the papers presented in the first two chapters are offered in the third chapter, which reviews changes in youth service since 1988, establishes essential aspects of national youth service, and discusses ways to increase public involvement. A unanimous conclusion is that youth service is needed as a democratic,nationwide institution. References accompany each chapter. Appendices include a list of conference participants and a bibliographical essay.


Proceedings of a National Service Secretariat Conference