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On behalf of the Alaska State Community Service Commission, I would like to welcome you to a series of training, forums, and workshops on Learn & Serve America programs. These programs have great potential to impact the youth and adults of our community.

We are pleased to have Terry Pickeral and Rachael Vaughn with us for the week and hope to learn from them additional ways that the people of Alaska can help to create collaborative relationships for youth service, volunteerism, educational reform, and community involvement.

The Alaska State Community Service Commission has been developing a State Pan that proposes strategies by which all generations of Alaskans in communities across the State can become more directly involved in meeting the social, educational, environmental, and public safety needs unique to their own areas. By building community support with parents, schools, youth, agencies, and schools, our youth in Alaska can become increasingly better citizens who are actively improving life in our communities while also preparing themselves for future careers.

Thank you for attending this session on the National and Community Service Act. We are confident that the good things which come through this session will help us to continue to build successful community service opportunities.


Parent-Business-School Forum, January 25, 1995 at the King Career Center in Anchorage, Alaska.