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K-12 students throughout Los Angeles County learn about Cesar E. Chavez and the Farm Worker Movement through age appropriate in-class curricula, student activities, and video presentations. Students learn about the living and working conditions of migrant farm workers, the importance of agricultural, and current efforts to bring about changes in the lives of migrant farm workers. Students then plan school-based assemblies and events, including student-generated art, theater, spoken word, music etc. to educate the entire school about the contributions of Cesar E. Chavez and other important civil rights leaders and to get students involved in the 7th Annual Cesar E. Chavez Walk-a-Thon. Students involved in the Chavez Walk talk to teachers, students, and neighbors to solicit donations for their participation in the Walk. The culminating project is the Cesar E. Chavez Walk on April 2nd, a community-wide celebration held the weekend after Cesar Chavez Day to empower and inform community members about the importance of organizing and taking action in their communities. Together, Sí Se Puede!