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We live in a town rich in history and architecture, yet nowhere in the 12-year curriculum are these subjects taught. The students and staff of Lady's Island Middle are working to rectify this omission. The purpose of "Downtown As A Classroom" is to discover (via oral histories and written records), write, illustrate and publish a top-quality children's account of folklore and fact based on Beaufort's architectural past and present.

The basic premise is that every building tells a story. It is these family stories which 150+ eighth graders, representing the full spectrum of student population, will learn and preserve. By extending education beyond classroom walls into the community, students become active participants in a wide range of the humanities-- architecture, written and oral history, storytelling, creative writing, dance and visual arts. It is this experiential component which sets the program apart from traditional textbook learning. It is our conviction that by seeing, hearing, reflecting, creating and participating, students will acquire not just impartial facts but a personal appreciation and understanding of their hometown.