Using Law-Related Education as an Intervention with "High-Risk" Youth

Drake Buzzell, Drake University


During these times of scarce resources, policymakers are increasingly devoting more attention to areas where they feel they can make the greatest impact. Many local and state policy discussions are focusing on the relationship of "high-risk" youth, crime, and drug abuse Policymakers as well as social service program directors are particularly interested in the factors contributing to the likelihood that a young person will abuse alcohol or other drugs, and engage in delinquent behavior. We have known for some time that there is a significant correlation between these two behaviors. What is perhaps ironic is that we are back to exploring what types of programs are most effective. In the last ten years, we have learned more about addition addiction and criminal behavior than in any other period in our history. While this may leave room for optimism, it certainly offers an opportunity for innovation in developing effective programming.