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Corporation for National & Community Service


As part of its mission to improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic engagement through service and volunteering; the Corporation for National and Community Service conducts periodic research into the volunteer activities of Americans. Its latest study, Volunteer Growth in America: A Review of Trends Since 1974, provides an in-depth look at volunteering over the past 30 years, with particular attention paid to changing historical volunteer patterns by select age groups. Like other studies in the Corporation, "Volunteering in America" series, the finding, in this report are based on data collected annually since 2002 by the US. Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics in a volunteer supplement to the Current Population Survey, a comprehensive and scientifically rigorous survey of60,000 American households. Unlike past studies, however, the report also analyzes data on volunteering collected by the Census Bureau in 1974 and 1989. To ensure a fair and accurate comparison with the earlier surveys, several statistical adjustments have been made (see Methodological Note below).