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YAC Tracks, a step-by-step Guide for organizing Community Youth Action Coalitions, is the result of a ten month study on developing local youth service organizations. The first step for this manual was the discovery of: How to Start Your Own Youth Council", a publication of the New York State Youth Council. This information provided the base to create an outline for YAC Tracks in December 1995. Since that time, YAC Tracks has evolved and changed considerably! This manual consists of a process for mobilizing Community YACs at home and includes examples, activity ideas and practical suggestions. Contributors to t:his effort include participants in Learn and Serve America and AmeriCorps*Kansas programs, teachers, advisors, administrators, community members and agencies. All reprinted documents and written contributions in this manual are sited. Since this is the first edition of YAC Tracks, it will likely develop in new directions, as young people and adults follow the steps and experience the process. All participants in t:his process are encouraged to record their experiences with this manual and share them to make YAC Tracks a better tool for helping young people play an active role in their communities. Thank you for your support!

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