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Service-Learning extends the learning process from the classroom to the community, which becomes a supplementary resource to facilitate teaching and learning. This paper uses fragments of reflections to illustrate how Service-Learning course participants learn through the community-service projects and how they feel about their experiences as project leaders. The literature used provides a rich source of data about the meaning of Service-Learning and empirical evidences of the educational effects of learning through serving others. This paper argues that the Hong Kong school curriculum is examination driven and focused on the academic. There is a neglect in the social, moral and personal aspects of education. By Service-Learning activities, students experience learning in the field of community work. They are exposed to an environment conducive to the development of altruistic behaviour, social skills, collaborative spirit and knowledge about their own community. It is hoped that this paper will stimulate educators' attention on learning beyond school bounds and how schooling can be integrated with community service activities.