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The Michigan Partnership for New Education, in collaboration with Michigan State University's College of Education and with several partner universities, proposes to establish a K-12 Service Learning Center, headquartered at Michigan State. The Center would:

1. promote the principles and practices of service-learning in the schools in Michigan generally, through a series of activities ranging from building networks and holding conferences to training teachers, shaping policy and coordinating existing efforts. Such activities would, where possible, be collaborative efforts with other service-learning initiatives in the state. In e this regard, the Center would be a catalyst, switchboard, cheerleader and organizer, tying the work in Michigan to the national work of the NYLC.

2. establish and work with nine "generator schools If to develop powerful and exemplary service-learning projects. In this regard, the Center would be engaged in field-based inquiry and development work that would help generate new ideas, new practices, new sites and heightened commitment to the values of service-learning.

3. promote service-learning as an important component in the preparation and ongoing development of teachers at MSU and other universities involved with the Partnership. In this regard, the Center would be engaged in professional development of teachers throughout the state as a means of infusing service-learning ideas in schools throughout Michigan ---now and for years to come.