Keeping Amish children safe

Keeping Amish children safe



"Keeping Amish children safe" by Jeanette Harder, is an essay within the collection, Child Maltreatment in Insular & Isolated Communities. This essay collection tackles the issue of underrepresentation of groups or communities who infrequently come into contact with the child welfare system.

Often, individuals, groups, and communities that may experience maltreatment remain unknown, isolated, and insular to researchers and policy-makers alike. Who comprises these groups? Do they remain insulated because child maltreatment occurs less infrequently? And if so, what protective factors or evidence-informed strategies decrease child maltreatment in these communities? Alternatively, if abuse is prevalent in some insular communities, why is it not being detected or reported to child welfare agencies? This essay collection serves as an initial platform to address these timely questions and generate new ideas for research to increase awareness of child maltreatment in insular and isolated communities.

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CWLA Press


Washington, DC


Plain communities, Amish, Old Order Mennonites, child abuse prevention, child abuse, child protection, faith


Social Work


Harder, J. (2018). Keeping Amish children safe. In C. James-Brown, D. S. Wolfe, J. Collins, R. Adams et al. (Eds.). Child Maltreatment in Insular and Isolated Communities.

Keeping Amish children safe