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The inclusion of transition-age young people into community, work and cultural activities is a challenge when young people struggle with mental health issues. Young people who experience depression, anxiety, eating disorders and other issues are at risk for marginalisation and inadequate services, particularly in rural areas. The best response to these young people is to provide access to high quality, evidence-based mental health treatment, regardless of location. Project NETWORK is a $1.3 million three-year federal initiative - awarded to the Grace Abbott School of Social Work, University of Nebraska Omaha - to address these disparities. The award grants graduate social work students special training using evidenced-based web modules to treat and support young people and their families. The training is important to support today's youth and prepare the future generation of social work practitioners. In addition, each participating Masters in Social Work student receives a $10,000 stipend and agency-based clinical supervision as a career incentive to work in rural areas with the most vulnerable young people. This article describes in detail how Project NETWORK improves youth inclusion in Nebraska.


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