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The goals of this study are to estimate the impact of increasing support for direct service providers for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and its impact on the state economy. Specific goals of the study are to: 1. Estimate the economic impact to Nebraska if the state increased the pay to direct service providers delivering care to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (hereafter IDD) to a level more competitive with other states. a. Estimate the impact on the overall state economy, employment in the state and on the top 20 Nebraska industries. b. Estimate the impact of state and local tax collections and the overall rate-of-return for taxpayer provided funding. 2. Quantify important social impacts, where appropriate, on the service provider community and the State of Nebraska 3. Quantify the spillover effects of the industry on new business venture formation, enterprise growth, employment, and state and local tax collections. The Goss & Associates research team thanks the Board of Directors and staff of the Nebraska Association of Service Providers (NASP) for their input. However, any errors, omissions, or misstatements are solely the responsibility of Goss & Associates and the principal investigators. This study, while funded by NASP, was developed independently of this organization.


The subsequent analysis was prepared for the Nebraska Association of Service Providers by Principal Investigators, Ernest Goss, Ph.D., and Susan Reay, Ed. D., Senior Research Economist Scott Strain, Research Economists Monique Devillier and Elizabeth Wolman all of Goss & Associates. Findings remain the sole property of the Nebraska Association of Service Providers and may not be used without prior approval of this organization. Visit form more information

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