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Interviews with financial planners, investment bankers, trust officers, and retired persons were conducted in order to make an evaluation of methods to provide financial stability as a person ages. Emphasis was made on Medigap and Long-Term Care Insurance Policies and investment of lump sum retirement distributions. The financial planners recommended that retired persons, not eligible for a continuation of employer health insurance, purchase Medigap or HMO coverage to supplement Medicare. The financial planners also recommended purchase of Long-Term Care Insurance. Information provided by investment bankers and trust officers indicated that retirement funds invested in Equity or Fixed Income Investments with minimum withdrawals will provide a lifetime income for retired persons. Interviews with retired persons confirm that they do have financial security because of taking minimum withdrawals from their accumulated assets and with the purchase of Medigap Insurance when there was no continuation of employer health insurance. Retired persons indicated a general lack of interest in L ong-Term Care Insurance except when peace of mind could not be achieved without it. The survey and other information provided prove the hypotheses that lifetime financial security is attainable.


A Thesis Presented to the Department of Gerontology and the Faculty of the Graduate School University of Nebraska In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for a Master of Arts Degree University of Nebraska at Omaha. Copyright J . T errence Haney November, 1998