Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Dr. Laurence Hilton

Second Advisor

Dr. Pat Kolasa

Third Advisor

Dr. Lee Kalstrom


Language is the vehicle for learning and the child who does not possess adequate language skills is handicapped in all areas of school instruction. Additionally, society evaluates child and adult in the academic setting, socially, and on the job by their ability to manipulate the English language. The school's accelerating expectations of entering kindergarteners has put additional pressures on the majority of children. The research in developmental linguistics has shown that a certain level of maturity must be reached before tasks can be learned. The problem for the entering kindergartener whose language development is depressed is compounded.


A Thesis Presented to the Department of Special Education and the Faculty of the Graduate College University of Nebraska In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Arts University of Nebraska at Omaha. Copyright Karen Mumma May, 1979