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Master of Arts (MA)



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Richard Blake

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Blaine E. Ward

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Blaine E. Ward


The primary purpose of this validation study was to determine whether there was a significant relationship between the extroversion-introversion scores on the Myers- Briggs inventory and the following graphometric characteristics: handwriting slant, midzone size, space between lines of writing, the space between words in writing, width of left margin, and width of right margin.

Subjects for the study were drawn from a course offered by the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) counseling service. This course was designed for students who were uncommitted to a major. Most students were freshman. A total of 49 subjects were studied. Data were collected over a period of two semesters. Pearson correlation values were determined for the following handwriting characteristics: Wordspace r=-.30, midzone size r=-.23, space between lines r=-.17 right margin width r=-.17, left margin width r=-.15, and slant of letters r=-.09.

The results indicated the acceptance of the null hypothesis that there is no significant correlation between the Myers-Briggs scores and the handwriting measurements, except for distance between words which had a value of r=.3 0 (significant at the .05 level). In direct terms there was a probability beyond chance that a writer would be more extroverted as the distance between words decreased.

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