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Specialist in Education (Ed.S.)


Educational Administration and Supervision


A myth, as defined by Webster’s New World Dictionary (1975), is “a traditional story serving to explain some phenomenon, custom, or belief, any fictitious story developed to interpret circumstances which defy conventional logic.” Dropping out of school succinctly fits as an occurrence which has deftly baffled educators of the most advanced and well supported school system in the world. Although dropout rates vary (five to twenty five percent) dropping out is not merely about numbers; this factor encompasses “values and philosophies about people, their problems, and what can be done about them” Hamby (1981) Hahn, (1987) and Grossnickle, (1988). An incalculable loss of human potential is felt by a society dismisses dropouts as failures (Hamby, 1989).


Teenage Parenting Intervention Programs: Implications for Female Secondary School Potential Drop Outs. Presented to the Graduate Faculty University of Nebraska at Omaha. In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Specialist in Education University of Nebraska at Omaha. Copyright 1990 Patricia Ann Frampton.