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Master of Arts (MA)


Teacher Education

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Jean Bressler

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Donald J. Grandgenett

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Donald J. Grandgenett


What was the relationship between personality traits and academic achievement? This study was designed to answer this question by surveying a group of 77 students enrolled in developmental reading classes in a junior college. Subjects completed a self-report personality test which measured eight personality traits and a measure of inherent aptitude. Achievement was measured by criterion referenced tests. Bivariate and multivariate correlations between measures of personality and measures of achievement were examined separately according to race, gender, and age (under 25 versus over 25 years). Results indicated that Vigor was the only personality trait which significantly correlated with achievement; however, significant relationships between personality traits and other kinds of variables emerged. A highly significant correlation between Ascendency and Race could have future implications for equally proportioning classes in terms of minority/majority students. Implications for instructors and administrators at the college level, particularly vis-à-vis older, non-traditional and minority students, were discussed.

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