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Gary Larsen

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Richard Kohlan

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Karl Jackson


Creativity has been approached and studied from many different viewpoints. A number of the studies in this area are conflicting, while others are only speculative. Still, some of these discussions shed light on this very elusive variable. Collectively, these studies and discussions of creativity suggest:
1) that the creative individual has some personality characteristics, apart from intelligence per se, which allow him to make unusually good use of his native abilities in the solution of problems and in the living of every day life (Gardner, 196k, p. 22; c.f. also: Barron, 1963; Maslow, 1959; May 1959; Rogers, 1961);
2) that these characteristics may be of real significance to the individual and to society (Sears & Sherman, 1964);
3) that they are less restricted by the limits of inherited capacities than is raw intelligence and;
4 ) that they should be separated from intelligence (Ripple & May, 1962).