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John K. Brilhart

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Phoebe Hollis

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John Wanzenried


Human behavior is a reflection of the many attitudes, beliefs, values, and cognitive processes of the individual. It has been theorized that self concept, or the way a person perceives his self image, acts as an integral force in directing many of those behaviors.1 According to research by Brownfain, a person with a high regard for self, or a positive self concept, exhibits more socially acceptable behaviors. Conversely, when a person has a low regard for self a variety of maladjusted and neurotic behaviors are displayed. 2 A conclusion of research concerning behavior and self concept may be summarized: " . . . individuals derive their feelings about self from their interaction with others. Consequently, the link between self concept and actual behavior is a strong one."3 The relationship between self concept and behaviors may be examined further by studying the development of self concept. Such development occurs primarily in the early years of ian individualfs life.

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