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In the past 50 years, social scientists and medical researchers have explored many aspects of human behavior and the psyche which appeared related to various physical disorders. This endeavor evolved into a discipline known as "psychosomatic medicine." Methodologies and perspectives within this discipline have varied widely over the years and many studies have yielded Inconclusive findings (Lipowski, 1977; Lazarus, 1980). However, a review of the psychosomatic literature reveals a t least one common dimension: the nature of one's face-to-face transactions is vitally linked to one's physical well-being.

One medical researcher who described the relationship between human Interaction and physiological processes was Hans Selye. Noted for articulating the concept of stress as a "nonspecific result of any demand upon the body" (1980, p. v ii), Selye observed that it is the stress of Interpersonal relations that represents one of the greatest sources of distress for the Individual (1974, p. 6 7). Stress becomes distress when a demand taxes or exceeds the body's adaptive capabilities. Selye's observation suggests that certain patterns In Interpersonal behavior may pose a threat to one's health.

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