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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Marvin Peterson


Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury and Absalom, Absalom!, having escaped the pejorative category of “regional literature” by virtue of their technical excellence, occupy estimable positions in the main body of twentieth-century American literature. Part of the widespread interest they arouse is owing to the hold that the Old South has over the American public at large. As the precipitator of the American Civil War and as the repository of the aristocratic way of life that in its way mirrored the feudal societies of Europe, the Old South has given rise to a body of legend that is steeped in the romantic in the macabre. No other region of the United States has a history so full of misbegotten heroism and illicit purpose.


A Thesis Presented to the Department of English and the Faculty of the Graduate College University of Nebraska In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Arts University of Nebraska at Omaha. Copyright 1983 Patrick H. Brennan.