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In June and July, 2018, the Nebraska Department of Education invited teachers and administrators to provide feedback on the Nebraska Social Studies Standards. Nebraska educators provided input by participating in eight focus groups intended to complement a previous survey of Nebraska’s elementary and secondary social studies teachers. Individuals submitted written input if they were not able to participate in a scheduled focus group. The information gathered from the focus group participants offered opportunity to: 1) develop insights and a deeper understanding regarding K-12 educator perceptions of the current Nebraska Social Studies Standards and 2) solicit input for the upcoming review of these standards.

Dr. Connie Schaffer from the University of Nebraska at Omaha conducted the focus groups and assured participants their input would be confidentially summarized in a manner that did not identify individuals, schools, and/or districts. The first focus group was conducted in a face-to- face setting during the Nebraska Social Studies Conference held in Lincoln. The remaining seven focus groups were conducted via video conference technology with unique conferences for elementary teachers, secondary teachers, and school and district administrators.

In total, 51 individuals provided input including 35 teachers and 14 administrators (building administrators and district-level) representing public and private schools and districts as well as two educators outside of K-12 settings (non-profit organization and higher education institution). The vast majority (88%) of teachers who participated currently teach at the secondary level. Most (78%) participants provided input via the video conferences...