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Preparing school librarians for a diverse array of 21st-century educational environments is a daunting task. Faculty in school library preparation programs send candidates out into sparsely populated rural areas, dense urban settings, and everything in between. Some candidates will provide services and resources in updated, modern facilities, while others will operate in tiny, tattered little corners. Some new professionals will ply their trade in technically rich arenas, while others will work in technically starved settings. Regardless of place and space, resources and services must be developed and delivered in a proactive and productive manner for the P—12 community. School library preparation programs are charged with getting all candidates ready to operate effectively in any and all of these scenarios. This is no small endeavor, as many, if not most, of today's school library candidates will "go it alone. "


Published in Knowledge Quest, 40 no2 N 2011 p. 26-29. Copyright © 2011, Knowledge Quest. Used by permission.