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This second evaluation progress report concerns a 5-year project that links technology and the visual and performing arts with other subject areas to transform the education of K-12 students in Nebraska and nationwide. The report states that the project's focus is to develop curriculum models of engaged student learning using technology and resources of the Information Superhighway, and that a special emphasis has been placed on serving disadvantaged students in rural and urban areas. It also states that the project is being conducted by the Westside Community Schools in Omaha, Nebraska, and that five art museums are currently involved. The report relates that the "Community Discovered" project is making consistent progress in its training, classroom integration, and evaluation activities. It explains that the project focuses on enhancing education by developing interdisciplinary constructivist curriculum units that deliver the arts and art resources to the classrooms of Nebraska and the world via use of the Internet. The report explains that the evaluation process is well underway, with evaluation-related data being collected and systematically reviewed for formative input into specific project objectives and related project activities. Evaluation design is carefully matched to project activities and provides a 5-year plan for both summative and formative review. The report states that while the content/intent of the original goals remains unchanged, the organization and numbering of these objectives has been altered slightly. Appendixes contain goals, objectives, and student activities.


Coufal, K. L., Grandgenett, N. F., & Westside Community Schools, Omaha, NE. (1996). The Community Discovered: The Search for Meaning through the Integration of Art and Technology in K-12 Education. Evaluation Progress Report No. 2.

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