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The project of focus in this evaluation progress report is currently completing the second year of full operation and is a 5-year project that links technology and the visual and performing arts with other subject areas to transform the education of K-12 students in Nebraska and nationwide. The report notes that special emphasis is placed on serving disadvantaged students in rural and urban areas. It states that the project's focus is to develop curriculum models of engaged student learning using technology and resources of the "Information Superhighway," and that five museums are also involved. The report explains that the project is drawing upon successful and extended collaboration with ARTnet, an electronic communications network, and Prairie Visions, an active consortium of discipline-based art educators. According to the report, the "Community Discovered" project has five goals: (1) to promote and encourage academic achievement; (2) to provide student equity in access to state and national museum resources; (3) to enable educators to effectively use appropriate technologies for teaching and learning; (4) to effectively integrate the arts into interdisciplinary curriculum projects; and (5) to create a national network of educators to support the development and implementation of appropriate learning strategies that integrate the arts and technology into other subject areas. The report comments on the project's status and activities and also explains that an evaluation plan is in place, the activities of which draw upon comprehensive data collection procedures that use both quantitative and qualitative approaches. It states that there is a team effort underway by all stakeholders in the project to positively effect the learning environment of all students.


Coufal, K. L., Grandgenett, N. F., & Westside Community Schools, Omaha, NE. (1996). The Community Discovered: The Search for Meaning through the Integration of Art and Technology in K-12 Education. Evaluation Progress Report No. 1.