A Kindergarten for the 21st Century

Nebraska Department of Education
Westside Community Schools
Umo n ho n Nation Public Schools
Lexington Public Schools
Omaha Public Schools
Head Start-State Collaboration Office
Marjorie Kostelnik, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
M. Susan McWilliams, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Lincoln Public Schools
Gordon-Rushville Public Schools
Red Cloud
Northeast Professional Development Partnership
Nebraska State Board of Education, District 5
Beatrice Public Schools
Platte Valley Professional Development Partnership


Called to action by parents, teachers, administrators, and other early childhood professionals in Nebraska, the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE), Office of Early Childhood began the process of revising the Kindergarten Position Statement in 2007. NDE’s previous Kindergarten Position Statement was written in 1984 and was a landmark document in the world of kindergarten, not only in Nebraska, but nationwide. The revision of this statement reinforces the expectation of providing high quality experiences for all children to help them reach their full potential, regardless of individual circumstances. The intent of this document is to provide a summary of information about kindergarten that is deeply grounded in years of research, early childhood science, and best practices for young children. The full Position Statement, A Kindergarten for the 21st Century, can be downloaded from http://www.education.ne.gov/ECH/KStatement.pdf.