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Why do I even look for teaching ideas in the education catalogs that fill my mailbox? I know that these offerings of prefabricated units and generic novel activities will not satisfy the desires of my students. Looking around my orderly classroom, I confess that I am probably the only one who adores the posters with colorful scenes from my favorite poems. During my past ten years as an English teacher, I have found myself in a mental tug-of-war as to how to connect my students with the state curriculum standards. Finally, in the abyss of Internet lessons and teaching seminars, I finally found a way to honor the knowledge and experience of my students. T hrought he use of inquiry-basedin struction, whichu tilizedf amilyl iteracye ventsa ndc ommunity service learning, my students were able to accomplish much more than the prescribed state curriculum; they learned how to promote tolerance in their community.


Published in the English Journal, 90(5), 2001. Copyright © The English Journal. Used by permission.