Date of Award


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Doctor of Education (EdD)

First Advisor

Dr. Kay A. Keiser


This phenomenological study explored the perceptions of 23 educators as related to the implementation of the Secret Kindness Agents Project. The methodology was comprised of a researcher-designed questionnaire to capture the essence of the participants’ experiences with the project. A Conceptual Map developed by researchers at the University of Arizona in 2016 was used as the Conceptual Framework for the study. Participants reported perceived impacts of the project on themselves, their students, and their contexts. Their responses fell into the following themes: Kindness Focus, Changing Pedagogy and Classroom Management, Improved Work Environment/Morale/Well-Being, Improved Social-Emotional Skills, and Improved School/Context Environment. The researcher examined the central themes, conducted a data analysis congruent with the literature review, and described the key findings in the concluding chapter. The researcher synthesized the key findings of the data in order to recommend implications for future research and practices in the Secret Kindness Agents Project.


Supervisory Committee: Kay A. Keiser, Ed.D.; Sandra Rodriguez-Arroyo, D. Ed.; Elliott C. Ostler, Ed.D.; Jeanne L. Surface, Ed.D.

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