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Creation Date

Fall 2023


This piece is reflecting back to the time when I became a victim of child pornography. I was in 7th grade at the time of the incident, and the culprit was my mother's husband at the time.

Author's note: I chose the color coding because I wanted to give a sense of what my emotions were at the time. The color guide isn't specific because I still wanted your emotions to take over and still give an insight. the guide is there to help direct your emotions. After the visit from Women's Center of Advancement. I was inspired to write my own story and help anyone whose been in my situation. This piece is here to show sexual assault can come in many forms and ways. I hope this piece really shows it can happen anywhere and to anyone, no matter the age. Also, this project isn't perfect, no meant to be perfect, just like everyone else. You can't judge something nor someone based off looks. Coping looks different for everyone! I am just glad I' a better person given my dark times.