Month/Year of Graduation


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)



First Advisor

Karen S. Murch-Shafer PhD, Katie A. Shirazi, PhD


The Anatomy Academic Assistant (AAA) practicum is a peer-mentoring program that helps participants further develop leadership skills. The goal of this research was to analyze leadership qualities through participant perspective and analyze the effectiveness of the AAA practicum in enhancing these leadership qualities. A 25-question survey, measuring participant perspective, was designed to include both rating-scale questions and free response questions. Rating-scale questions used a Likert scale with a corresponding assigned value. Free response questions also provided qualitative data that was grouped into overarching themes in a generated word cloud. The assigned value averages showed that participants largely agreed with the questions, it was simply the degree to which they agree varied on an individual basis. Participants “agreed” that the AAA practicum developed skills like decision-making, accountability and integrity, confidence, and leadership. Additionally, participants responded that the AAA practicum needed to improve communication, teamwork, and organization. In future surveys, more leadership skills should be evaluated, and better definitions of leadership skills should be provided.