Month/Year of Graduation


Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Art and Art History

First Advisor

David Helm


The consumption of art and interaction with it can be beneficial to individuals in many different ways. Play and exploration engage the mind and can have positive effects, no matter how small. Within a medical setting, this type of interactive art can promote healing within patients by engaging their bodies and minds. With these ideas in mind, the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center (CHMC) put out a call for an interactive sculpture piece to be created for their upcoming building expansion. My piece, Garden Lanterns, was then conceptualized in order to fulfill their requirements and embrace the idea of providing positive interactive art for the patients and visitors of CHMC.

Garden Lanterns is an interactive sculpture piece designed to fill the space with a geometric and gently curving spread of stems, vines, and flowers. Within each of the flowers is a motion sensor that is activated by close movement. Each flower sensor triggers a different color of light to be projected briefly upon the wall directly above the sculpture. This type of interaction will spark creativity and interest within participants while also not requiring any direct contact with the sculpture. By introducing an engaging piece that is easy for almost anyone to interact with, patients can take a step toward healing.