Month/Year of Graduation


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology (BTCH)



First Advisor

Joseba Moreno González


The focus of this project is to assess the degree of access to Spanish-language books in the Omaha Public Library system. After constructing a map of all Omaha Public Libraries using Global Information System (GIS) and analyzing the population around those areas, I cross-referenced individual library catalogs to compare raw numbers of English-language books to non-English and specifically Spanish-language books. The ultimate finding of this project is that even though approximately 10% of Omaha citizens included in the census speak Spanish as their primary language, Spanish-language books make up only 2% of the total books across all Omaha Public Libraries. Considering the population of individuals who come from a bilingual household or those trying to learn Spanish draws an even more drastic deficit in groups who would be benefitted by a more comprehensive collection of Spanish-language books. The Omaha Public Libraries, while a valued and important community service, could be doing more to serve its entire community rather than focusing so wholly on the majority. Access to books in Spanish would be hugely valuable to Spanish-speakers as well as Spanish-learners. In order to make the library collection more reflective of its community, we Omaha residents should go to their local libraries and request Spanish language books.