Month/Year of Graduation


Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Foreign Languages and Literature

First Advisor

Courtnay C. Wheat


Considering the connections between music and language, as well as Chi et al.’s (2001) theory, this thesis introduces an original case study investigation: which teaching method, pedagogy or andragogy, will be most effective in one-on-one ESL tutoring sessions that use music as source material? The term pedagogy often describes the art and science of teaching. However, its Greek roots refer to the method of the teacher leading the classroom. Meanwhile, andragogy describes a teaching method where the teacher engages with the students in the learning and leading; Greek for “leader of man,” andragogy most often refers to teaching adults. To answer the investigative question, the case study centered on a 4-week tutoring session with two ESL learners. Overall, results indicate that a blended approach of teaching methods can be most successful. As well, what is taught for whom it is taught will impact the choice of effective teaching methodology.