Month/Year of Graduation


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


Finance, Banking, and Real Estate

First Advisor

Dr. Larry Hughes


There are several ways to analyze a business. Looking at a company’s risk position. Measuring a businesses profitability, liquidity, stock prices, bankruptcy, and leverage. Overall, using historical and current data to predict future success. This report conducts a business analysis by looking at the impact of the coronavirus for five different companies in five different industries that are in five different countries. It has looked at financial results during the periods of pre-coronavirus, throughout, and after. Through this, a financial analysis was created to look at the long-term impacts and results of the coronavirus for these five conglomerates. The companies that will be focused on are Walgreens (Pharmaceutical in United States), Eiffage (Construction in France), ANA Holdings Inc. (Airline in Japan), Commonwealth Bank (Bank in Australia) and National Railway Company (Railway in Canada). Each country is where their headquarters locations are and where they were incorporated.