Month/Year of Graduation


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

First Advisor

Dr. Saundra Shillingstad


This capstone project will review the different intervention strategies that were implemented when working with six 2nd grade students who were identified as at-risk spellers in my clinical practice placement. The capstone project focused on three differentiated instructional strategies: phonetic, tactile, and digital. Of the three strategies, two were implemented by me and the other was already in place by my cooperating teacher. This capstone will look at the phonetic and tactile strategies I chose as interventions. I will discuss how the strategies worked, how each strategy was favored by the students, and what effect it had on the students’ spelling. The strategies were used Monday-Friday between pre and post test data collection. Each group used a different strategy each week for three weeks. I collected and analyzed the testing data and found that developing spellers can increase their spelling skills through differentiated instructional strategies.