Month/Year of Graduation


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Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


Teacher Education

First Advisor

Dr. Sheryl McGlamery


To the general eye, it appears there has been an increase of women in STEM and overall female interest in science however, this is not apparent in the high school classrooms. The lowest level physics classrooms are overwhelmingly female, and the AP Physics class of twenty-five students has two female students. Society is seeing more equal numbers of males and females in biology, healthcare, dentistry, and other medical related fields. This is a wonderful advancement however many other STEM careers are being forgotten.

This study focuses on five physical science courses one of which is provided with additional feedback and verbal praise. All classes are given a pre and post survey to gauge confidence levels in the subject area. The class with the additional supports scores higher than the control classes on the end of unit exam, and the female students excelled. The observed improvement in female achievement demonstrates the impact of feedback and positive praise on female participation in science classes